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Digital presentations management system

Software solution EasyPPT

Professional – Interactive - Flexible – Secured


By using a professional and secure management presentations and information system, we seek to reduce the speaker from all the stress that can cause technical probems, and allow him to concentrate on the essential: the massage that he wants to convey.

Advantages for the event organiser
• Provide a professional image of the congress management.
• Have the possibility to personalize fully your website with banners, logos, colors, fonts, etc. thanks to the high technology used.
• Use a fully automatic and secured system which is fully compatible with the equipment and software and which can handle thousands of presentations.
• Use a very flexible software that allows : rooms, sessions and presentation modifications at any time.
• Have an automatic saving system for all presentations.

Advantages for the speaker
• Be able to upload safely his (or her) presentation several weeks before the congress in confidentiality.
• Avoid to get any bad surprise having all presentations tested prior to the event.
• No need to bring any laptop, CD or USB key on site anymore.
• Use a very friendly application with a multilingual interface.
• Have the same interface on the website and in the Preview room.
• The presence of a highly qualified technical team to support speakers with encoding option, format conversion, etc.


Before the Congress
• Set up of a secured website which allows the speaker to upload, modify or delete their presentation or any related files.
• Each speaker receives an email from the organiser that mentions the link to the congress website together with his username and password.
• After being uploaded onto the website, each presentation is tested by a technician, in order to check the compatibility with all multimedia contents (videos, sound, etc.).
• An email is sent to confirm the good reception of the presentation.

On site, in the Preview room
• Set up of a Preview room that allows participants to see, modify or replace their presentation using their access codes in the same web interface.
• Both Conference and Preview rooms are set up in network.
• Computers set up in the conference rooms are updated in real time based on modifications made by the speakers in the preview Room.

On site, in the Conference rooms
• A dedicated interface is secured : the speaker just has to click on his name to display his presentation. This interface is the same in each conference room.
• Possibility to display different kind of information between presentations or sessions (sponsor, coffee breaks, etc.).
• No need to change computer during the sessions in the conference rooms. The same computer is used from start to the end.

Digital signage in front of the conference rooms
• Diffusion of the working and following sessions.
• Presentation of the current and following speakers.
• Information to display can be fully personalized according to the organiser’s demand.
• Possibility to insert specific advertising or messages for sponsors.