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« With Leni Eurodoc, service excellence contributes to make your event even more successful. »

Four hundred last generation computers connected to Internet?
A wireless network covering a entire Exhibition Space?
Wherever the event is taking place and whatever size your event is, we are ready to take the challenge.

Networking, just like office rental, holds no secrets for us.
To help you ensure a complete control of your event, Leni Eurodoc is able to provide genuine supervising and visual tools by remote control.

"Our mission is to meet your technical and strategic requirements within a flash

Set up and management:
• Set up, configuration and administration of different network components.
• Intelligent cabling.
• Wireless system.
• Analysis and validation of security rules.
• Standard and specific softwares.
• Management of the bandwidth and monitoring of the level of consumption for each stand.
• Plug & play system and customised configuration of the material.

• Set up of security rules and saving tools.
• Antivirus protection for local and wider networks.
• Access control.
• Possibility of setting up firewalls.
• Safe strategy: spare material always made available.
• In case of a breakdown: a technician will be on site to help you.