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Digital signage

«When the display becomes a real added value.»

Enjoy a completely customizable dynamic display to showcase your events and maximize your communication to participants.
Offer a permanent visibility to your sponsors as well as the ability to communicate in real time.

Each image support can display a customized content, depending on its location (hall conference room, area of certification, cyber café, overflow, ...).

An interactive and flexible content that allows you to communicate in real time with participants.

Streaming dynamic information consisting of video files, Flash, PowerPoint, images, scrolling text, web pages (weather forecast, news, sports, airport schedules ...).

Flexible :
Advertise quickly and easily last minute program changes.
Remotely control each screen of your conference / event.

Easy control:
The admin, thanks to a dedicated session, controls the system and all screens from the station management.

Having the complete mastery of EasySignage software, we create custom-made productions to best meet your expectations.